How a Heat Pump Actually Works — With Physics! And Charts!

Curious about the actual physics of how a heat pump works? Learn about it here.

So You Need a New Fridge

A thought experiment about large consumer appliances...

Ejectors: Smarter Energy Recovery

This one amazing device can dramatically reduce the cost of our heat pump, while increasing its efficiency.

Regenerative Braking for Air Conditioners

Air conditioners could save billions of kWh per year with this one simple trick.

100 Million Tons per Year

How much carbon can 2040 Energy eliminate with our heat pumps?

RenewaBoiler Energy Efficiency

It's too early to make real measurements for RenewaBoiler, but design projections suggest it can beat natural gas.

Introducing RenewaBoiler

The CO2 heat pump boiler system that will revolutionize home heating.

Grandma's Baseboard Heat: Electric Resistance

Electric resistance heat is an energy hog. But it's extremely well-suited to work as rarely-used backup for a heat pump.

Going Ductless: Heat Pumps without Forced Air

Millions of homes are heated by fossil-fuel boilers and radiators. How can these systems switch to clean electric heat?

Clean & Efficient Heat: Air‑Source Heat Pumps

With an air-source heat pump, you can convert a large portion of your home heating to clean electricity.

Off the Gas Grid: Propane and Heating Oil

Trucked-in fossil fuels have all the environmental problems of gas without the rock-bottom prices.

The 800-Pound Gorilla: Natural Gas Combustion

Most Minnesotans heat with natural gas. This needs to change if we're going to solve the climate crisis.

The Ultimate Guide to Low-Carbon Heating in Minnesota

In the Upper Midwest, heating your home can be a major portion of your carbon footprint. What can you do about it?

Brutal Honesty about Electric Heat in the Brutal Cold

In extreme cold, electric heat is far more expensive than fossil fuel. But over the full heating season, we can still come out ahead with 100% clean electricity.

Beyond Gas

Some interesting tidbits from today's event discussing the benefits of electrifying building and water heat.

Full Speed Ahead!

Starting today, I am working full-time on 2040 Energy.

It's Time to Electrify Heating

2040 Energy is electrifying home heating. Here's why and how.