2040 Energy is hiring for several roles.

If you’d like to discuss any of these positions, please email Joe Strommen at [email protected].

We are an early-stage startup, and these will be the first members of our team. These roles come with significant equity benefits, a flexible working schedule, and the freedom (and responsibility) to make company-defining decisions in your area of expertise.

An important note:

2040 Energy is committed to equal opportunity in employment. We strive to create a diverse and inclusive workplace, where people with different backgrounds and experiences can learn from each other. We will never tolerate discrimination, harassment, or any other behaviors that create a toxic work environment.

Open Positions

Mechanical Engineer

This position will be responsible for a wide range of mechanical systems in our heat pumps. This includes:

  • Selecting components for the refrigeration system (ensuring appropriate heat transfer, pressure ratings, and flow rates while minimizing cost and size),
  • Designing the physical enclosure and chassis, including the arrangement of internal components,
  • Refining the design of our ejector system,
  • …and more!

Refrigeration Controls Engineer

This position will be responsible for the digital controls of our heat pumps. This includes:

  • Developing digital hardware that reads data from embedded sensors,
  • Enhancing our software control algorithm and its thermodynamic model,
  • Refining the design of our ejector system,
  • …and more!

Electrical Engineer

This position will be responsible for everything in our heat pumps pertaining to electricity. This includes:

  • Developing a custom frequency inverter,
  • Designing the internal power wiring to meet residential appliance safety standards,
  • Working with control engineers to select and calibrate digital and analog sensors,
  • …and more!

Something Else

If none of the roles above are right for you, but you still want to join the team decarbonizing residential heat – contact us anyway!

We are always looking for great people, and maybe there’s a new position opening soon…or maybe we can create one.