2040 Energy Home Comfort System

High-efficiency electric heating, cooling, and hot water.

Runs on renewable wind + solar power.

Designed for the Minnesota climate.



Hot Water

Powered by Clean Electricity

Wind and solar power have transformed electricity into the cleanest source of energy available. Homeowners can even get zero-carbon electricity via solar panels on our roof or a subscription program from our utility. But for heating our homes and water, nearly everybody still burns harmful fossil fuels like natural gas and propane.

With the 2040 Energy Home Comfort System, you can eliminate these fossil fuels from your home and go all-electric. And the system uses 40-80% less energy than traditional baseboard heat, so it's inexpensive to run. It's a win-win for the environment and your bank account!

The Hydronic Comfort Advantage

Fossil-fuel furnaces generate a massive amount of heat whenever they are burning, which means they must continuously cycle on and off throughout the day. When this happens, you experience short blasts of hot air followed by long periods without heat. This leads to uncomfortable hot spots and cold spots throughout your home.

The 2040 Energy system is based on hydronics, meaning that it uses water as a heating medium. This allows the system to precisely control how much heat is being added to your home by controlling the flow of the hot water. The result is a gentle breeze of warm air all day long, and a completely comfortable home.

And of course, as a hydronic heating system it is 100% compatible with in-floor or cast-iron radiant heating.

Dual Heat Pump Boiler + Chiller System

The 2040 Energy home comfort system uses two heat pumps for maximum energy efficiency.

First is an air-to-water heat pump located outdoors, providing 2+ tons of cooling and heating power for the spring, summer, and fall. When more heat is required, this unit powers the "source" side of the indoor heat pump, much like a geothermal ground loop (without the invasive drilling).

Second is a water-to-water heat pump located indoors, which produces high-temperature heat for winter heating and for year-round hot water. Additionally, this unit can supply summer cooling for the house while simultaneously heating water — for double the energy efficiency!

Reliable Resistance Backup

It's a fact that heat pumps lose power as the outdoor temperature drops. The heat pumps included in your system can operate at temperatures as low as -5°F, and are designed to meet all of your heat requirements down to 10°F. But the remaining heat (about 10% of your annual load) will need to come from a backup source.

The 2040 Energy heating system uses electric resistance heat as backup — the most reliably way to heat any home. There is no flame ignition, no dangerous combustion fuels, and no moving parts (other than the pumps and fans to circulate the heat). Resistance heat uses far more energy than heat pumps, but is used sparingly enough that the system remains extremely efficient over the year.

Thermal Energy Storage

Included with the 2040 Energy system is a 150-gallon water tank, capable of storing over 150,000 BTUs of heat (equivalent to a 45kWh battery)! This allows the system to shift much of its energy demand to "off-peak" times with lower prices from your electric utility.

Off-peak discounts vary between electricity providers; we will help you make sure you are getting the best price for your heating energy.

High-Tech Software Experience

At 2040 Energy, software is in our DNA. The control system for your heating, cooling, and hot water is web-connected and automatically updated. This allows us to continuously improve your system's efficiency and diagnose potential problems as early as possible.

Additionally, you can manage your system and review your energy usage from your phone or any other web-connected device.